Kick Back and Relax With CBD

Kick Back and Relax With CBD

Shop for CBD lotions or tinctures at our shop in South China, ME

Relieve irritation and stress with the CBD lotions sold at Medical Maine. You can rub these into your ankles and wrists to relieve joint pain. People have also used CBD lotion to help themselves recover faster from sprains, strains and torn ligaments.

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Discover what CBD tinctures can do for you

Consider buying the CBD tinctures we sell to treat yourself. You can drop some of your tincture beneath your tongue or mix it with a drink and consume it that way.

We even sell CBD products for dogs. CBD has been used to help pets by:

  • Improving their immune systems
  • Lowering separation anxiety
  • Decreasing aggression
  • Aiding with seizures, tremors and spasms

Come to our shop in South China, ME today to check out the CBD tinctures we have available.