How Do We Get Our Clean Cannabis Extract?

How Do We Get Our Clean Cannabis Extract?

Explore the marijuana extraction process in South China, ME

Interested in our marijuana extraction process? Medical Maine uses tested techniques to get the high-quality extracts of marijuana we sell at our store. We process plant material using ethanol extraction technology to provide you with a clean cannabis extract product.

Why do we use ethanol? Ethanol extraction:

  • Is an efficient method for cannabis extraction
  • Provides a clean, pure end product
  • Is safe and commonly used among pharmaceuticals and the food industry
  • Helps to create a wide spectrum of cannabis extracts and tinctures

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Learn more about our marijuana extraction techniques

We rely on a variety of marijuana extraction techniques to provide our customers with high-quality marijuana and a pleasant experience. All made with MCT oil. You can use tinctures and oils to reach the state you are trying to achieve.

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